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Here's an easy recipe - if you have a sewing machine or sew it quickly by hand (while you're watching the kids play outside).  Take some time to dry your flowers this summer to save for this simple project.

What you need:

2 pieces     4" X 8" cloth

*Satin is nice, choose one that feels cool and soothing against the skin.

Mix together:

1 part     Dried Lavender flowers
2 part     Flax seeds
1/2 part  Dried Chamomile flowers

Sew or stich 3 sides of the cloth together with a 1/4" seam.  Leave one of the short sides open to fill the bag.  Pour enough of the dried ingredients into the bag to create a comfortable weight across the eyes.  The finished pillow should hang down a bit so the eyes are completely covered

Sew up the final side.  Sweet Dreams!

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