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This is a very smooth lotion that absorbs nicely into the skin.  We have a wonderful new plant based emulsifying wax which is skin friendly.

1. Melt together until barely melted:

45 ml   Emulsifying Wax
70 ml   Vegetable Oil
           (your choice)

  Try blending Apricot, jojoba, Sunflower, Sweet Almond oil together.

20 ml Glycerine (vegetable)

2.  Add and blend with hand mixer or Braun for about 30 seconds:

130 ml    Room Temperature Distilled water

*  try aloe, floral waters, etc. as part or all of liquid

1 gm      Citric Acid (pinch)

*If you heat the water portion slightly - it makes mixing easier- and pouring into the bottles!

3. Add 10 - 30 drops Essential Oil
*add after you have blended oils and water together.

4. Options

1.10 ml    Liquipar Optima (preservative) - add after oils and water have been blended and have cooled.

1 ml        Benzoin (skin healing)
1 ml        Calendula oil
5 ml        Aloe vera oil

5. Pour into clean, sterilized containers.  You skin will love you!

Try this Relaxation recipe for your lotion or spritzer!

3 ml        Lavender essential
1 ml        Rose geranium
1 ml        Rosewood

* Use Rose Floral water with this one to enhance the rose fragrance!

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