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Fragrance Chart

"At a Glance" - Approximate Metric to Imperial Conversion Rates:

50 ml = 1.75 oz
100 ml = 3.5 oz
500 ml = 16 oz

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts (usually steam distilled) and are used in aromatherapy applications.
The highly volatile essential oils offer therapeutic value and natural scent choices.
For use in soap making, the scent does not last as long as a fragrance oil. Essential oils as a rule should be diluted before using on the skin.
A patch test is always recommended before applying neat on the skin.

Fragrance oils are designed by the perfume industry for use in cosmetics and other household/industrial applications.
They offer a wider variety of scents, often less expensive than essential oils (such as rose, jasmine, violet, etc.).
Fragrance oils have more “staying power” in terms of scenting soaps & cosmetics.

This depends on your personal preference and the strength of the fragrance
(or essential oil).
General rule of thumb is at least 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per pound of glycerin soap*.


Weight Carrier Metric Imperial
1 lb
soap 5 mls
1 teaspoon
3 lb
soap 15 mls
3 teaspoon
9 lb
soap 45 mls
1.5 oz (9 tsp)
40 lb
soap 200 mls
6.70 oz.