Vanilla Plantifolia

Vanilla Plantifolia


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Vanilla planifolia
Origin: India
Extraction: Enfleurage
Due to its extraction method, Vanilla oil is not oil soluble.
Not suitable for Anhydrous (oil based) products or Candle Making.
Will seize CP soap so use in HP or M&P and bodycare.

Extracted through enfleurage, a technique of extracting aromatic oils that goes back thousands of years. It works on the simple principle that fats dissolve essential oils and thereby absorb their aromas. The vanilla bean is soaked in purified fats to absorb the aromatic oils and then soaked in alcohol. The aromatic oils migrate to the alcohol, which is then separated from the fat, and then the alcohol is evaporated leaving only the aromatic oil

This vanilla has a slightly floral creamy smell. Not traditional vanilla. The scent does develop on the skin over time to a beautiful scent.

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